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Thirsty posterThirsty

A Post-Queer Musical Film

From a tender age Scott Townsend’s life is ruled by his slippery gender. Growing up a girly-boy in the projects of Cambridge, MA, under the watch of Doris, his dysfunctional, single mom, Scott is prey to bullying and assault.Already a talented singer and performer, Scott grows up to be revered drag queen, Thirsty Burlington and delights club goers in Provincetown, MA with his spot on impersonation of Cher.But even in this gay mecca, being Thirsty comes at a price.

Inspired by Scott/Thirsty’s life, Thirsty spotlights the power of gender identity to both endanger and work its magic.The journey moves through dramatic, fantasy and musical sequences coming full circle when Scott realizes what he wants most in life, “To be safe and comfortable in all his skins,” and loved for all that he is.


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Sirens is a dark cabaret song about misogyny & sexual harassment in the art and music worlds. Written by underground songstress, Ryder Cooley and performed by The Dust Bowl Faeries. The song debuted during the 2016 Trump campaign. This music video was filmed live at the The Community Theatre, Catskill, NY, in Jan. 2018. Directed and Produced by Lisa Thomas with Cinematography by Matt Kehoe, Sound by Joe Cantor and Editing by Fabrizio Famà. The video was released on February 18th 2018 in honor of Audre Lorde and Yoko Ono's birthdays.

Freeing Silvia BaraldiniFreeing Silvia Baraldini

Silvia Baraldini moved to the U.S. in the 1960’s at the height of the Civil Rights Movement and came of age in a country burning in its own promise.Moved by African American’s fight for human rights and incensed by the show of pretense in American democracy, Silvia began a life of political activism.

In the 1970’s when hundreds of politically minded people folded back into the comforts of American society, Silvia deepened her conviction to revolutionary struggle.She became the national leader of the May 19th Communist Organization, a radical group of white, North Americans.May 19th was a key element in a fragile but growing alliance of revolutionaries, African American, Puerto Rican and white who worked relentlessly to organize people to view the U.S. Imperialist system as the leading source of world oppression.Most threatening to the government was their support for the Republic of New Afrika, a group of African Americans fighting to win land in the south on which to build a socialist nation under Black rule.Members of the alliance were targets of the U.S. government’s counter insurgency program, COINTELPRO.Using an array of tactics, the government put an end to the alliance; many activists were arrested and imprisoned; Silvia was one of them.In 1983, under the RICO law, Silvia was given a 40-year prison sentence for helping to free former Black Panther, Assata Shakur from prison.She was additionally charged with criminal contempt of court for refusing to answer questions to a Grand Jury investigating the Puerto Rican Independence Movement and given another three years.Freeing Silvia Baraldini presents Silvia’s side of the story, the side that was not supposed to be told.


Silvia Baraldini

"Silvia in Rebibbia prison cell 1999", photo by Stefano Montesi.



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New Orleans International Human Rights Film FestivalBaghdad Award


Freeing Silvia Baraldini now available on DVD.

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Cast to the Wind

Cast to the Wind

Cast to the Wind is a short film that encapsulates Zimbabwe’s 1980 winning of Independence from the white settler colony, Rhodesia after a 16-year war.The film calls the victory into question by exposing present day statistics attesting to Zimbabwe’s ruin at the hands of Robert Mugabe’s increasingly harsh government (a government elected by the people upon winning their independence).Presenting Zimbabwe’s gallant effort to obtain justice and its eventual downfall as warning, the film makes a plea for our need to find new methods for obtaining a greater humanity based in our innate interconnectedness.

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